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I have come to really appreciate the technique of selective focus. In this older shot I’m not so sure I selected any focus point at all. I used an 85mm f1.4 wide open with maybe even a close up lens attached. I still like the effect here:


Gaillardia in Texas

Here, a little more of an actual selected focus point. I believe the lens was a 70 – 200 f4 with close up lens:


Claret Cups and Imago in New Mexico


Claret Cups in Burro Mountains, New Mexico

The flowers below were with the 85f1.4 at maximum aperture. All shots with Canon 5D Mark III camera.


Fleabane, Gila National Forest, New Mexico

Don’t underestimate the power of selective focus to simplify a complex array of objects in the photo and to provide a pleasing background for the focused element in your composition.