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Hello, me. It’s been a while since I wrote to you. This past weekend I spent in Chicago. I made the mistake of renting an SUV to drive through its parked car clogged streets. Believe me, those mirrors were pulled in!

In any case, I took along only my lowly Nikon F2A film camera and the lowly 5omm f1.4 lens with Ilford Delta 400 ISO hiding inside it. I used to use this camera many Venus’s ago it the days when I was young and alive. Now it’s a pleasant throwback to those halcyon days of yoredom.

Speaking of yoredom, I’ll go ahead and write to myself. I AM yored at the moment, so that’s the only reason I’m here.

Whilst in Chicago I was privileged to look at some photos of some really good photographers, such as Alfred Stieglitz. He had some really dark stuff posted on the museum’s refrigerator door, I mean, as in what we in the days of absolute standards of good and evil would call egregiously underexposed prints. However, they MUST be good, because they’re in a smancy-fancy museum in a smancy-fancy city like Chicago.

This darkness in the platinum/palladium prints, in the carbon prints, in the tintypes, in the gum bichromates, inspired me to produce some really bad images myself from my negatives. So, I shot the film, got it hand-checked by the friendly agents that work for whatever those three letters are, and put it in some D76 back home. My efforts at imitating the masters:


Pretty bad, huh? But if I had the right connections, I’d be really famous, wouldn’t I? But I’m just me, and it doesn’t matter because no one sees these anyway, right, me? Yeah, right.

Now for my more normal stuff, such as I would see without all the big time PS’ing:




That’s all, folks.