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Last week I was pleased to take a long bicycle ride with my wife from Dallas White Rock Lake (marathon fame) to Deep Ellum in downtown Dallas. “Ellum” is a quaint pronunciation of Elm, as in Street. This place has a lot of eateries, clubs, bars, performing artist venues, wall art adorning the buildings (Neiman Marcus version of graffiti if you will) and believe me, I wouldn’t be caught dead there at night.

First, for some iPhone pictures on the way to DE along the SF Trail. (SF means “Santa Fe.”)


This was on the way to DE, as stated. I don’t know what it means, so if it’s objectionable, I apologize. Just pretend it’s the 23rd Psalm or something.


This was on way to DE also. Again, I’m not sure what the author meant, but I liked the hoop that looks like someone did a major slam dunk on it, the textures and the shadows here. Well done, iPhone.


I forget what they call this place, but here’s a sign.


Here’s an interesting piece of artwork outside a piano-themed establishment. There are several of them in different poses.


These are probably some well-known DE performers.


Again, think 23rd Psalm….


I tried to be abstract.


This is a bonus picture. It’s actually in Houston, but it seems to fit the theme here.

I hope you liked my pictures I took in Deep Ellum. Thank you for looking today.