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Today I went into my website and replaced about a dozen photos of Big Bend that I took and edited about 6 years ago when I proceeded according to the philosophy, “If a little of something is good, then a whole lot of it is even BETTER!”

An easy thing to do is over sharpen a file. We hear about sharp lenses that produce sharp images and that is good; so, why not help the lens out a lit… a lot in the editing software and make what’s already sharp even sharper?


This is a normal file sharpened in camera only…actually, not at all since it’s from the RAW.


Same file, grossly over sharpened. To me it looks pixellated, like a photo with the large dots in a newspaper.

Take care when sharpening. In Lightroom, use the mask to return smoother portions of the picture to the original sharpness or unsharpness, as you will!