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I took up the thought this morning:  “What if I tried to put together in one place a collection of people I’ve snapped over many years?” I thought about what I had seen in an old external drive I was perusing yesterday. So, I’ll try to do something here.

In spite of my somewhat retiring nature, I have managed to ask some strangers if I might take their pictures. Here I will also include some people close to me as well. They may be people from the long past, but they were at least close to me.

Some are street candids, some are street informal where subject is aware of the photo being taken, some are “studio,” some are taken at events and many different film formats as well as digital are used.

I think that although I consider myself more of a nature/landscape photographer, the human landscape it much more varied and interesting. There are limitless possibilities of expression in a single visage.

Young Woman in Studio_4726324804_o.jpg

Young woman at school where I taught, an assistant. Shot with Pentax 6×7 and studio lighting.

Young Teacher by Window Light_4731234461_o.jpg

Another teacher at same school. Taken with window backlighting and some shadow side bounce light with Hasselblad.

Young Man_15065452508_o.jpg

Young man I saw in New Mexico.


There’s a used bookstore in downtown Denton, Texas, called Recycled. This is one of the owners. Shot with Canon AE-1 Program.


His name was Arleigh. Hasselblad 500 CM was the camera.


Tom, a geography prof. Shot with a 4 x 5 camera using Polaroid’s type 55 Positive/Negative film.


One of my students by window light using Hasselblad.


Beatriz, overcast day, 35mm film camera.


Twins. Shot with Hasselblad.

The Whole Trek Team_13749485633_o.jpg

I met this couple at a park as they were training for a hike along the Appalachian Trail, going into the part that traverses the Maritime Provinces. I hope they made it OK.

The River of Time Its Channels Dredged on Me_5109067796_o.jpg

Self portrait, playing with a soft box. Nikon D700.

The Beauty of Red_14045535464_o.jpg

I hope you can sense she was a flaming redhead. Digital, Canon 5D Mark III, at an event in Denton, Texas.

Polly, City Council Member, Silver City_9456142087_o.jpg

Polly, a city councilperson in Silver City, New Mexico. She owns the  Javalina Coffee Shop there, quite a unique place!

Mrs Grimes_9647668993_o.jpg

Mrs. Grimes, my second grade teacher. Shot with a Pentax 6 x 7.Mary Grimes_9647672887_o.jpg

Mrs. Grimes shot with a 4 x 5 camera.

Lorenzo and Breeze_15601359701_o.jpg

Lorenzo and Breeze in Silver City, New Mexico.Lorenzo and Breeze_15418429930_o.jpgBreeze_HC_o.jpg_48A1119.jpg

I thought it might be worth more than one capture of them. Canon 5D Mark III.


Young man I found at Dallas Whiterock Lake with his guitar, composing a song. Canon AE-1 Program.

Jimmy Porter.jpg

Jimmy Porter, mentioned in earlier post about platinum/palladium print of this image. Nikon FE on Kodak Technical Pan film, 25 ISO (ASA in those days).


Young man sitting outside of a cafe in Denton, Texas. Canon 5D Mark III.

Informal Portrait in Silver City, Xinyan_16172932741_o.jpg

Young woman in Silver City, New Mexico. She goes to China to “rescue” traditional clothing and bring it back. Canon 5D Mark III.

Informal Portrait in Silver City, Russ_bw_o.jpg

Russ owns an equestrian supply store in San Lorenzo, New Mexico.

Informal Portrait in Silver City, Rudy_15987339228_o.jpg

Rudy lives in San Lorenzo.

Informal Portrait in Silver City, Joanie_16174040122_o.jpg

This is a psychologist in Silver City. I saw her in an art store and followed along to ask if I might take this photo. Of course she wondered, “Now, why…..?”

Informal Portrait in Silver City, Frank_15987539360_o.jpg

Frank, in Silver City. He is a Vietnam War veteran. Canon 5D Mark III.

Getting Ready.jpg

Same couple shot with Canon 5D Mark III through a lens designed for smaller sensor.

Erin and Littlefoot.jpg

In Silver City.


In Fort Worth Stockyards.Dr Chapel.jpg

Former elementary school principal in Dallas.


I met this young woman as she man….womanned a booth at an event in Denton, Texas. When I suggested she might consider modeling she told me she already IS a model!

Coco and Family_10697413005_o.jpg

I met this nice group near downtown Dallas one summer day. Canon AE-1 Program.


My college roommate. Taken in Big Bend with a Wisner Convertible Classic 8 x 10 view camera.

Apparently I’ve reached my photo limit on this post. To be continued on next…and maybe next!