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Young man in Silver City, New Mexico.

Card Player.jpg

Card player in Gila, New Mexico, whom I found sitting outside a farmers’ market. He was proud of the Minolta film camera and lenses he still owned. I can identify with that, at least with Canon and Nikon film cameras!

Bobby and the Cat_9775896111_o.jpg

A good friend of mine many years ago. I’m not sure who the person is that was with him. The camera was a Contax RTS II with  a Carl Zeiss 50mm f1.4 lens.

At Denton Jazz and Arts Festival 2014-70.jpg

Performer at an event in Denton, Texas.

At Denton Jazz and Arts Festival 2014-58.jpg

Photographer in Denton, Texas.

At Denton Jazz and Arts Festival 2014-46_14041925812_o.jpg

Revelers in Denton, Texas.

At Denton Jazz and Arts Festival 2014-31.jpgAt Denton Jazz and Arts Festival 2014-20.jpgAt Denton Jazz and Arts Festival 2014-19.jpgAt Denton Jazz and Arts Festival 2014-10.jpg

I enjoy shooting bearded subjects.

Asya bw_o.jpg

Young lady from Bulgaria I met at a park and later met her there for a portrait session. Canon 5D Mark III.

Aoife O'Donovan_15064953139_o.jpg

Aoife O’Donovan, folk singer, performing in Silver City, New Mexico’s Pickamania.

A Roy.jpg

Mrs. Roy, librarian at one of the schools where I taught, Wonderful person! Hasselblad 500CM by window lighting with fill.


A senior portrait moment, using Nikon D700.


Candid in Hatch, New Mexico, at the Chili Fest.


Canon AE-1 program candid near downtown Dallas.


Canon AE-1 in downtown Dallas.


Canon AE-1 in downtown Dallas. She was helping coordinate a Walk for the Cure event.


A group of young journalists I found along the route of the 2015 Tour of the Gila Bicycle Race Criterium in Silver City, New Mexico.


Pinhole candid. Camera was Canon 5D Mark III with the body cap being converted into the lens.


Ron, in downtown Silver City, New Mexico. He designed motorcycles.


Biker in Silver City.


Another beard, Silver City. 5D Mark III.


In Silver City also.


Cyclist at Cow Creek Classic Ride starting in Waxahachie, Texas. Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 100 – 400 zoom.

10_04_self portrait_001.jpg

Self portrait of a much younger me. Shot, probably, with 4 x 5 using Polaroid back, judging from the goo on the edges resulting from the coating process. Never was much good at that.


Candid shot of a biker in Silver City, New Mexico.


Candid portrait, Silver City, New Mexico. Canon 5D Mark III.


Semi candid beard portrait in Silver City.


In Silver City.


Three more senior moments in Silver City.


I liked how the mouth had to speak for the rest of her. Silver City.


Young man in the outback of Silver City.


Silver City. I wish I could recall all the names.


Cowboy in Silver City.


More Silver City. A good place for this!


This young man was in town to attend a convention of hippies in a nearby national forest. I’d have liked to have gone there to shoot, but couldn’t get any idea of where it actually was! In some parts of New Mexico, it really is a step back in time.


In town for same convention!


Lorenzo, street musician.


Street musician in Silver City also.


One day I was attempting to sell photos by the street in Silver City. These two young ladies happened by.


This gentleman was a classical scholar in earlier days.


I saw this young Irish woman across the street with her guitar case. She was traveling all over the US and was leaving to return to Ireland in a few days. Canon 5D Mark III.


Local merchant of antiques.


Young man outside the Javalina Coffee Shop.


I was put in mind of Wild Bill! Silver City, Canon 5D Mark III.


Jim, a cowboy in New Mexico from Nebraska.



Gentleman in Boquillas, Mexico.