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These photos are digital all the way, shot on a trip or two across Texas. This is why I really don’t go out with my camera where I currently sojourn in Houston:  Everything is too CLEAN! Hardly a molecule of ferric oxide or a fleck of peeling paint or a bare board to be seen.

I like to imagine how it was when all these things were new and in good repair. How did their owners feel? When did neglect begin and why? Maybe these hard-living people didn’t care about the aesthetics of their structures and vehicles as much as simply how they served to help them survive over a few years of life. If the possessions succumbed to decay, so what? Plenty of this to see in Texas…except HOUSTON!! (Unless you’re talking about the roadways, then that’s another matter.)


Old home somewhere in west Texas. Not too long ago judging by the fact they had television…oh, wait, that WAS a long time ago!


Corner fillin’ station somewhere in Texas. Surely there was a market inside as well.


When was the last meal served? Somewhere in west Texas.


In west Texas.


In west Texas.


Outlaw bars…Either Talpa or Valera


The F. D. I. WHAT?


Old farmhouse not far from Rowena, Texas.


In Rowena, Texas.


In Rowena, Texas.