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Just some more work in this arcane medium:


Existing digital file from which I made an inkjet negative using Photoshop and Pictorico film. First effort very contrasty. I finally lucked into a version showing some highlight textures on the cheek.


Houston in Fog. Same as photo above. Shadow detail is there in print when you see it in “person.”


Onion and Garlic. I set up this still life during my pt/pl printing session out of frustration, in a way. I wanted to prove to myself that there is a way to defeat the empty highlight areas. My idea was, of course, to lessen the strength of light on the subject that caused these areas to appear. I shielded the onion from getting the direct window light and added a little fill on the shadow side using a scrap piece of white paper. I did get the feel of this old process I was wanting, the soft contrast. The blacks, however, are richer when you view the print itself. Shot with a Nikon D800 at 50 ISO using an old manual focus 55 f2.8 micro Nikkor lens at f11. Negative for printing, of course, produced on the Epson R3000 using Pictorico. Notice my pencil lines on the corners to mark off where I was supposed to apply the light sensitive platinum/palladium emulsion with the push rod.