I took my new Hasselblad H5D 50 megapixel camera out expecting a possible nice sunset with no wind, a rarity in Texas, for a reflection on the still water. This is a shot I took earlier while I was waiting for what I THOUGHT would be a better, blazingly colorful sky a few minutes later; that didn’t materialize as the day ended with a dull, gray thud photographically speaking. As I arrived about an hour before sunset, I watched the progress of the young man who was fishing from the left side of the frame here to the position you see him in currently. I’m glad he was there then. As this was an HDR photo with three exposures, I’m surprised I got him so well in a non-blurred way. As I was waiting I was approached by some local neighborhood people. One lady asked if I was waiting for the sunset. Upon my reassuring her that I was, she and her husband and dog wished me well in getting a nice one. Another lady came out of her house across the street and observed that I had been standing out there for a while. Looking at the intimidating Hasselblad with equally awe-inspiring lens mounted she asked if I were from the newspaper or from the television news. I assured her that I was only an ordinary citizen taking a pretty picture. She departed, seemingly with peace of mind.