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I was out yesterday with my little Nikon D7100…I call it little because attached to it was the Sigma 150 – 600 lens. It’s a relative perception. This lens could register on seismographs out in Alpine if it were dropped. Anyway, I was sitting on the grass in the park waiting for the red tail hawk you see here to fly back over to a tree that was on public property. In the photo he’s currently perched atop a tree in someone’s front yard. While I was waiting, I noticed this mockingbird, whose territory the rapine creature was apparently encroached upon, attempt to show enough bluster to make his visit a shorter one. Not that the mocker is a bad host, but the feisty feathered flyer was fresh out of rabbits in the fridge and didn’t want to disappoint his guest. I took several shots totally depending on a chance depression of the shutter button at the right instant to get something…good…goodish? I chose this particular version of the situation to try to impress people “out there” whom I’ve never met and whom I’ll never meet, such as one lady who liked my pond sunset yesterday and whose western photos make me look like my granny with her Box Brownie that she just dropped into her gruel…anyway, I chose this one (speaking of rabbits) because the red tail had his or her head turned back enough to see the profile. The bird did soon return to my legal territory and I’ll post a shot of it below. Thanks for looking and for thinking this was a good bit of luck.