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My son is a PhD student in film studies at the University of Chicago. He’s been in that city for quite a while now and has found many chances to capture some great images on his smartphones, mostly. He sees patterns in quite ordinary scenes and makes the viewer aware of them forcibly. There are dramatic pictures of the lake and other places in the city and on the university campus.

I’ll say that my own contribution was minimal. As a child he saw me with a camera probably more often than he would have liked to, especially as it was often trained on him. In reality, I find myself learning from him how to see photographically. My theory is that in his area of particular research into the development of spatial expression in video gaming he has developed an acute sense of what it is to see strongly, to narrow down the confusing array of visual input that surrounds him in that complex city into powerfully succinct statements of what he sees and feels.

The website he has just inaugurated is here:


I hope you will visit. There are many places there worth a pause or two.