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My wife and I recently took a short Sunday afternoon excursion looking at the countryside and small towns just north of the DFW Metroplex. I think I’m trying to find the unspoiled village where chain restaurants and retailers have yet to bury their roots to leech out more wealth from the locals.

In Aubrey there was, of course, Main St. which had Mom’s Restaurant and other quaint establishments. The folks there did seem friendly enough and I kept hearing the theme song to Andy Griffith running through my head.

However, Main St. wasn’t that interesting to me. It was too dressed up for the tourists, too clean. We did notice not too far from this center of commerce some interesting, genuine, old, perishing parts of the town that appealed to us photographically.


Truck is from 1953 and is in better shape than I am.


This wasn’t too far from the truck.


The grain elevators gave some nice shadows.

Altogether, a nice visit. We hope to see more of them!

Oh, PS