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On a cycling outing at White Rock Lake on Friday, Christy and I noticed some wood ducks, a lot of drakes, near where we parked. We had no telephotos with us, so we returned Sunday to try to get some decent photos. She had a Canon 60D with a Sigma 150 – 500 zoom; I, a Nikon D7100 with a Sigma 150 – 600 sports lens. We saw some drakes while cycling without our proper equipment due to its size and weight that might make an unbalanced situation on a bicycle. When we got back to parking lot after the two laps around the lake, we found this hen and her brood and took several photos.


Then we drove around to Sunset Bay area of the lake where we saw the drakes earlier.They tended to stay farther out than the hens, so what I got even with a 900mm effective focal length was with a fairly small drake and it wasn’t very sharp. Maybe next time.


We did find some slider turtles that were fairly calm for that species, allowing several shots. Father and son?


Finally, the common egret. Christy got some really nice shots of this specimen in flight; I’m really bad at BIF!


Christy’s shots!

Overall, an enjoyable day.