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I was about to enter this contest, but it was like filling out paperwork to buy a house for each photo, so I decided against the idea. These are the 15 I would have put in the nature division. I’ll post them here. Some are repetitious from this blog, but I really don’t mind if you don’t.

As an update, I finally figured out that since I’m ungainfully retired, why not? So, I jumped through the hoops and have 12/15 in there right now. Some of those below aren’t there yet.

A thought about photo fame:  There are too many photographers in the world, too many who have time and means to travel to Borrioboola-Gha if they desire to take those exotic pictures that so fill the airwaves these days that they’re almost becoming humdrum; still, it’s fun to post the things and have that few seconds of recognition for the efforts made to get the shots even if “winning” is out of the question :=>