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Nothing outstanding, just something I’ve had in mind to do for a while and finally got bored enough to do it. I’ve been collecting Nikon film SLR cameras off that auction site. These represent what I think is an unbroken chain from the F, front center, of around 1957, to the F6, top center, from around 2004 to the present. Yes, Nikon does still produce two film cameras, the FM10 and the F6.

I have other Nikons not in the line of royalty here:  EM, FM, FM2/T, FM3A, FE, FE2, FA, F100 and a black F2A.

Ironically, the camera used for this portrait was a Hasselblad H5-D 50 with the 50 – 110 zoom used at 110mm. A monolight was on the right about subject level with a silver umbrella reflecting the bare bulb. A large, white reflector did a little fill on the left.

I do use the cameras! They are all quite operational and most in near mint condition. I hope my son will enjoy his inheritance someday…and have the space! Or, maybe they’ll appreciate in value and he can sell them back to where they were found.